Rush Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Has Cut Obama Off At The Knees Over Raising Taxes


Yesterday, in regard to that day’s Rush Limbaugh clip, I wrote that “one of the biggest memes in conservative media in the past few months has been the idea that liberals now hate Barack Obama.” Similar to how Liberals used to pounce on any story that seemed to suggest even Republicans had turned against George W. Bush, any quote from any left-leaning pundit or politician that’s negative towards the current President has quickly turned into huge headlines for the conservative press. And, on Tuesday, they seemed to get a big one in a quote from Bill Clinton in which he seemed to suggest he’s against raising any taxes* until the economy’s back on track.

Unsurprisingly, Limbaugh was giddy today as he discussed Clinton “throwing Obama under the bus.”

*Or cutting any spending, not that anyone on the Right trumpeting this story’s focusing on that, of course.

Of course, don’t think that Rush Limbaugh (Rush Limbaugh!) would dare say anything nice about Bill Clinton. Limbaugh was quick to point out that Clinton was “no economic expert” and explain that the “so-called ‘Clinton Boom'” of the 90s was totally just a case of 42 getting lucky. However, and this gets to the crux of what I’m saying, Limbaugh made sure to explain to his listeners that “the point” wasn’t what Clinton said but who he said it about.

And Limbaugh’s right. That’s why the party out of power always does this.

Like I said yesterday, no matter how disappointed liberals could get with Obama, they’re never going to vote for a Republican candidate (especially not a Perry or Bachmann!). However, I failed to mention that the point isn’t the liberals. The point is the independents and the perception that you can create.

By pushing these stories, the right-of-center media isn’t just making themselves feel good that “even they don’t like this guy!” They’re, more importantly, creating a perception for independents that Obama is a losing brand.

And, come election time, no one wants to hop aboard a losing team.

Listen to Limbaugh’s comments below.

The full Clinton interview is here.


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