Rush Limbaugh Is Fine With ‘NAGs’ Advising Obama On Libya


“What’s so wrong about the NAGs advising Obama or making the decisions on Libya?” asked Rush Limbaugh this morning, continuing his theme from yesterday. As Limbaugh sees it, having women (Hillary Clinton, Stephanie Powers, and Susan Rice) be the ones leading the charge on Libya in the White House should be something celebrated by the feminists of the world. After all, someone finally broke though that war glass ceiling!

By the way, for those of you who don’t know, “NAG” is Limbaugh’s nickname for NOW as he successfully translated “National Organization of Women” to “National Association of Gals.” It’s also got a secret double meaning hidden inside. Do you see it? Well, the acronym is NAG which is something women do all the time! Am I right, fellas? They also love shoes while men love sports! And white people dance like this while black people dance like this! Har har har!

However, the most entertaining bit of the clip is perhaps the moment where Limbaugh luxuriates in the pure awesomeness of being Rush Limbaugh:

“We’ve been doing this 22 years. I sometimes read transcripts of past shows and I marvel. I wish we could go back and find a way to go back and compress some of these previous shows’ past content and bring it back because, my gosh, was it rich content-wise. So much wisdom! So many accurate predictions! So many things that have happened exactly as I have called them!”

Say what you will about the guy but God bless him for this quote. May we all one day be of the temperament to look back on our body of work and get that jazzed about it. I read old posts I wrote on this site and just start cataloguing spelling errors.

Then again, we can’t all come up with gold like the acronym NAG.

Check out the audio below:


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