Susan Rice

Son of Ex-NSA Susan Rice Claims He Was Physically Assaulted During Pro-Kavanaugh Rally

Sarah Sanders: Trump Weighing Revoking Security Clearances for Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hayden, Rice, McCabe

Former Obama NatSec Adviser Susan Rice Blasts Trump Aide: He Wants to Start a War With Canada?

Roseanne Insists She’s Not Racist in New Tweet: ‘A Lifetime Of Fighting’ For Civil Rights ‘Will Never B Taken From Me’

Former UN Ambassador Susan Rice Joins Netflix Board of Directors

Susan Rice Reportedly Told Staffers Planning Cyber Counterstrike On Putin in 2016 to ‘Stand Down’

Judge Napolitano: Susan Rice and ‘Presumably’ Obama Knew Trump Team Was ‘Being Surveilled’

Susan Rice Reportedly Said Unmasking of Trump Officials Was Due to UAE Crown Prince Meeting

McMaster Reportedly Thinks Susan Rice Did Nothing Wrong With Unmasking Requests

‘Hundreds’ of Unmasking Requests Reportedly Made By Single Obama Admin Official in 2016

More Obama Admin Officials Will Reportedly Be Scrutinized in ‘Unmasking’ Probe

Susan Rice Will Testify in a Closed-Door Session Before The House Intel Committee

House Intel Committee Issues Multiple Subpoenas on Russia Probe, Unmasking

Trump Transition Team Reportedly Warned Flynn About Contact with Russian Ambassador

President Trump Slams Susan Rice in Back-to-Back Tweets

Susan Rice Declines Request to Testify to Senate on Russia

Trump Unloads on Comey, Hillary: ‘She Was Guilty of Every Charge!’

Nunes’s Intel Claims Contradicted by Documents Seen by Lawmakers on Both Sides

Dan Abrams: Trump Allegations Against Susan Rice ‘Reckless’

‘That Is a Talking Point’: Don Lemon, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy Spar Over Trump’s Susan Rice Remarks

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