Russian Govt Mocks Election Investigation by Tweeting Debunked Seth Rich Murder Conspiracy


The Russian Embassy to the U.K. has decided to take a break from tweeting dank memes in order to troll the United States over the ongoing investigations into attempts to interfere with the 2016 election.

President Trump continues to insist that his presidential campaign did not collude with the Kremlin’s efforts, though the matter is still under investigation by Congress, the FBI, and a special counsel to be overseen by Robert Mueller. News about the investigation continues to dominate the headlines, and it would seem that Russia would rather talk about a story that has largely been debunked.

The death of Seth Rich has been a conservative talking point for months, and it has been wrapped up in numerous conspiracy theories about how the DNC staffer was killed over his supposed connections to WikiLeaks. Rich’s murder got a lot of renewed interest with Fox News and right-wing media agencies this week, even though Rich’s family has asked people not to politicize it.

Rod Wheeler, a private investigator bankrolled by a wealthy Breitbart contributor, claimed this week that he found a connection between Rich and Wikileaks. Wheeler eventually admitted that he had no such evidence, and Rich’s family has asked conservative figures not to spread conspiracy theories.

All of this being said, there were quite a few people who took notice of the embassy’s tweet, and they don’t approve of it.

As a reminder, there’s a new report indicating that Russian officials were caught bragging about their election-meddling months before Election Day.

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