Sarah Sanders Says Trump Might Order DOJ to Block Mueller From Testifying


As the White House orders Don McGahn to ignore Congressional subpoenas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is stating that President Donald Trump could also give the order to stop Robert Mueller from testifying.

The White House press secretary appeared on ABC’s The Investigation podcast on Tuesday, during which she proclaimed that Mueller “should not testify.” Sanders said the White House hasn’t spoken to the Department of Justice about whether to forbid Mueller from testifying before Congress, but a conversation within the administration is imminent.

“I think that’s a determination to be made at this point,” Sanders said. “[Trump’s tweets are] the president’s feeling on the matter and the reason is because we consider this as a case closed as a finished process.”

During the interview, Sanders defended the White House’s reluctance to comply with congressional oversight requests for more information, which she referred to as “nothing more than a big dog-and-pony show.” She also faced questions about her credibility in light of the fact that Mueller’s report contains her admission of fabricating talking points about Trump’s decision to fire former FBI director James Comey.

“I feel very comfortable about my credibility – from the misspeak of one word versus the narrative that the media and Democrats have pushed for two years. I feel extremely good about the job that I’ve done…They have tried to put the president into a box that fits a story that they wanted to write. And every time they put words on the paper he changes them and he has controlled the narrative.”

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