Saturday Night Live To Get A New Obama With Jay Pharoah?

This morning the comedy world woke up to the news that there’s a potential deal for Virginia comedian Jay Pharoah to become the fourth new cast member for the 2010-2011 season of Saturday Night Live.

Pharoah has made a small splash online with dead-on impressions of Denzel Washington and Will Smith and dozens of others – including our President. The big question for fans of political comedy is: Does SNL have a new Barack Obama?

Since 2008, Obama has been portrayed by Fred Armisen to mixed reviews – it’s a difficult role to pick up.  There’s a racial element, a following that was hyper-sensitive to criticism, and most importantly, there didn’t seem to be a ‘take’ on the President’s mannerisms or attitude that resonated as well as Darrell Hammond‘s smug, lecherous Bill Clinton or Will Ferrell‘s bumbling George W. Bush.

Among Pharoah’s impression repertoire there is a Pres. Obama, and though it’s not as strong as his others, it definitely passes muster. But clearly, Pharoah’s impression is a lot more risqué than Armisen’s — here the president is heard singing about birthday sex. But is the 22-year-old ready to portray what is arguably SNL‘s most important character? I guess we’ll find out in the cold open when the season premieres on September 26th. An SNL spokesperson had no comment.

Watch Pharoah do his Obama on stage, via The Comic’s Comic:

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