Schumer Rips Trump for Not Standing Up to China: He Looks Like a ’98-Pound Weakling’


In advance of President Donald Trump‘s summit with Chinese President Xi Xinping over the next two days at Mar-A-Lago, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer ripped Trump for what he deems to be a lack of action on China after his tough talk on the campaign trail.

Appearing at a press conference this afternoon, Schumer blasted the president for his unwillingness to stand up to China on trade and label them currency manipulators.

“One of the few hopes we had with President Trump is that he’d finally stand up to China,” Schumer said. “But up to now, when it comes to China, he looks like a 98-pound weakling.” It was one of two times during his remarks that Schumer used this term to taunt the president.

“He has done virtually nothing,” Schumer added. Calling China “the number one trade predator against the United States,” Schumer implored Trump to talk tough on trade issues during the upcoming summit:

“He campaigned and said, ‘On day one, I’ll call China currency manipulators.’ Something the three of us asked President Bush to do, he didn’t. Asked President Obama to do, he didn’t. We thought, at the very least, we didn’t support Trump on much, but I said ‘At least when it comes to currency manipulation, Trump’s with us.’ He backed off.”

Watch a portion of Schumer’s remarks above, via CBS News.

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