Scott Walker Welcomed by ‘Poop’ and ‘Butt’ Signs During Philly Visit


Leave it to Philadelphia, the “city of brotherly love,” to give 2016 GOP presidential hopeful Scott Walker a warm welcome. A stinky, grossly warm welcome.

While visiting Pennsylvania’s easternmost metropolis on Tuesday, Walker’s campaign ran into a few local hooligans. Specifically, two guys donning signs that read “SCOTT WALKER SNIFFS HIS OWN POOP” and “SCOTT WALKER LIVES INSIDE MY BUTT” respectively. Political reporters assigned with the glorious task of following Walker’s efforts were the first to capture the precious moments for all the world to see.

I understand the juvenile joke behind “sniffs his own poop.” After all, I was once (and arguably still am) a teenage boy. The “lives inside my butt” comment takes additional digging to discern, but when it comes to butts and poops, digging is sometimes necessary.

Part of Walker’s Philly tour also involved visiting a few famous eateries and ordering the local fare.

Look, I’m not even from Philadelphia — let alone the northeastern United States — but even I know how to order an honest-to-[enter you own belief system or deity here] cheesesteak. And the locals took notice.

[h/t BroBible, Death and Taxes]
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