Sean Hannity Tweetstorm Calls Out Fox News’ Steve Hilton and Brit Hume for Fighting on Twitter: ‘What Happened to No P}^*++= in the Tent’


Sean Hannity Attacks Steve Hilton and Brit Hume…for Attacking Each Other on Twitter

In a late night vent session, Fox News’ Sean Hannity unleashed a Tweetstorm publicly criticizing fellow Fox News host Steve Hilton and fellow Fox News anchor Brit Hume…for publicly criticizing each other on Twitter: “What happened to ‘No P}^*++= in the tent.'”

Hannity was upset about an online back-and-forth between the past that revolved around 2020 Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden. Hume initiated the clash when he quote-tweeted a Hilton post claiming that Biden was “totally corrupt,” by pointing out the Politico report being linked to said no such thing. Hilton fired back at Hume, saying: “You’ve been in the Swamp too long if you think he is not corrupt!!!”

The two traded barbs a few more times before Hilton executed a tactful retreat after a dressing down by Hume.

Hannity, tagging both men, linked to the Mediaite story about the dispute as the start of a Twitter thread that tried to, alternately, chastise the two, broker peace, and support Hilton’s claims against Biden.

“Most people would advise me to stay out of this, but I’m me. Here goes,” Hannity wrote.

Hannity wrapped up his thread by expressing his “deep respect” for Hume — whom he still clearly disagrees with about Biden — and offering a sarcastic greeting to this website: “@Mediaite enjoy.”

Screengrab via Fox News.


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