Seth Meyers: Trump’s ‘John Miller’ Deception Proves He Can Lie and Face Zero Consequences


As Donald Trump still faces fallout for his strange denial of posing as his own publicist, Seth Meyers pointed out how strange it was that someone with his antics was as close as he is to becoming president.

Since last Friday, Trump has emphatically refused to admit that he once used the alias of “John Miller” to pretend to be a member of his PR team despite the significant evidence and admissions from his allies. Last night, Meyers took a “Closer Look” at the evidence, and he concluded: “It was so clearly Trump, the only way ‘John Miller’ could have been more obviously fake is if he was three 10-year-olds, standing on top of each other, in a trench coat.”

After he mocked Trump some more, Meyers got serious and noted that the public seems to have no overwhelming problem with the fact that the mogul can make multiple false or debatable statements, and suffer no lasting consequences in his polling. Meyers wondered whether Trump was so immune from controversy by this point, that even if he goes against his remaining campaign promises (or does something even more unthinkable) his supporters will, in fact, be prepared to follow him anywhere.

“One, it often seems as though Trump can lie freely without consequence on the campaign trail. The fact-checking site Politifact has ruled a stunning 76 percent of Trump’s statements as ‘false, mostly false or pants on fire.’ Yet, somehow he eludes accountability. It’s a clear-cut case where you can hear the audio for yourself and know that Trump is lying. Second, John Miller is a fake persona manufactured by Trump to aggrandize himself in the eyes of the public, which is exactly what he’s doing now as a presidential candidate.”

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