WATCH: High School Student Launches Petition for Removal of ‘Size Matters’ Billboard

In Murrieta, California, a billboard is causing a big fuss. The advertisement for Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center shows two cups of coffee. One is small and labeled with a “B.” The other is larger and labeled “D.” The wording above them reads, “SIZE MATTERS.”

“I think it’s offensive because I don’t think size matters,” said Anna Gorski, a local sophomore in high school who has launched a petition for the removal of the ad. “I don’t think a billboard should be telling me that my breast size matters and that a D cup is better than a B cup.”

CBS 2 interviewed her and the doctor behind the advertisement, Dr. Brian Eichenberg. Watch:

For his part, Dr. Eichenberg believes that in some cases, plastic surgery can be empowering for women and enable them to have the confidence to perform better at work or school.

Granted, he is not questioning why those women feel more confident after surgically altering their bodies and whether it has anything to do with subliminal messaging or overt advertisements just like his own, but that is a nuanced conversation full of debate on both sides. As it stands now, that conversation will continue because the doctor is putting up a new billboard soon but has not yet revealed what it will say.

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