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Shep Smith Blames Right’s Inflated Rhetoric For Congressional Death Threats

Did Shep Smith just call out Glenn Beck as being one of those responsible for the recent rash of death threats against members of Congress who voted for the health care bill? It vaguely sounded that way. After talking to Carl Cameron about the outbreak of violent actions against certain Dems since Sunday’s vote, Shep – who wasn’t giving Michael Steele much wiggle room the other day regarding his rhetoric — more than once suggested that the over-the-top rhetoric many have been spewing may have a leeetle something to do with these troubling, though not isolated, developments.

What we do know is that when leaders on either side of the aisle go with this over-inflated rhetoric and they tell us it’s the end of the world, it’s Armageddon, the Marxists have taken over Washington, it’s the end of the world as we know it, we’re moving into socialism, when they say things like that, well that maybe some of them don’t believe, and then the fringes believe it, and then they go out and do stupid things, well, I mean, it’s all kind of tied together isn’t it?

As far as I know, Beck is the only high profile ‘leader’ out there consistently professing the imminent Marxist takeover of Washington, but it’s clear Shep’s criticism is a blanket one. I think this is what’s referred to as lying in the bed you’ve made. Video below.

A reader points out that Shep could also have been referring to Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) who recently accused President Obama of leaning to “Marxist tendencies.” Lot’s of crazy to go around.

Ed. note: The vid below contains two separate clips from the same segment.

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