Shep Smith Hits Trump, GOP: A Shutdown Can’t Happen With One Party in Charge, ‘Right?’


On Wednesday’s broadcast of Shepard Smith Reporting, the Fox News journalist slammed President Donald Trump and members of the Republican Party who are trying to put the blame on Democrats if there is a government shutdown.

Coming right out of the president’s speech today in Pennsylvania, Smith took a swing at the GOP:

“With one party in charge of everything, a government shut down will not happen, right? I mean, never in the history of — at least modern history of the country has there been a government shut down when a single party is in charge of Washington.”

Smith, who has been more critical of Trump than many of his cohorts at Fox News, continued to take a swipe at the Republican members of Congress. “House, Senate, one party in charge. Republicans have it all. Yet the possibility of a government shutdown has escalated. The problem is really in the Senate,” Smith said.

Unable to hold back, he blasted the GOP’s short-term bill.

“The GOP plan was to dare the Democrats to vote against that measure saying we funded the child health insurance program or chip for six years,” he said. “You’re going to vote against children’s health?”

Moments later, after addressing Trump’s CHIP tweet earlier this morning, Smith spelled out for his audience how the looming threat of a government shutdown is a very real possibility.

“Right now, three Republicans and three Democrats say they will vote against it. If so, that will kill it,” Smith said in reference to how the voting is shaping up for the current proposed bill. “That would shut down the government. Unless they come up with something else. And there are other possibilities. All of them complicated.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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