Skip Bayless Knocks Russell Westbrook for Presser Meltdown After OKC Loss: He’s ‘Been So Spoiled’


Following his team’s pivotal Game 4 playoff loss on Sunday, all-world Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook lashed out at a reporter who asked a question of teammate Steven Adams that Westbrook saw as an attempt to divide the team.

“Next question,” Westbrook eventually said after a testy exchange with the reporter, Oklahoman columnist Berry Trammell. “Next question.”

Monday on Undisputed, Skip Bayless called out Westbrook for jumping in on a question that wasn’t even directed towards him and for treating Trammell with no respect.

“This was a classic case of a very legitimate question that Russell, if he would grow up and mature into his role as the face of the franchise and the team leader… you would have answered that question,” Bayless said. “You can answer it correctly. There is a way to answer the question correctly by answering it but not leading to fracturing your team. The point is, they’ve been so spoiled, they don’t know how to answer that question.”

In truth, Westbrook wasn’t the primary target of Bayless’ rant. (Bayless has recently been a staunch supporter of Westbrook’s — going so far, earlier in the program, as to call the prolific Oklahoma City guard the “Runaway MVP” of the NBA.) Rather, it was the Oklahoma City team hierarchy and public relations staff that drew Bayless’ ire for, in the morning hot-taker’s estimation, coddling Westbrook.

“I’m not gonna blame just Russell for this. I’m gonna blame the majority owner of that team, Clay Bennett. I’m gonna blame the GM of that team, Sam Presti. And I’m gonna blame the PR staff who has spoiled not only Russell but before him Kevin Durant, spoiled them both rotten. They’ve protected them and treated them like little spoiled rotten kids from even the most subjective media questions. The PR guy stands there in the post game interviews, especially with Russell and before him Kevin. The slightest hint of a negative question, ‘No, no, no. You can’t ask that question, or they don’t have to answer that question.'”

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