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SNL Spoofs Gloria Allred: ‘Will There Be A Special Level Of Hell Just For You?’

Be careful what you wish for? Gloria Allred, who has been making (courting) national headlines recently by representing California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman‘s former housekeeper Nicky Diaz in a questionable case against Whitman (Greta Van Susteren accused her of political blackmail), was brutally spoofed on SNLlast night.

In a sketch called Ask Gloria Allred, Allred (played by Nasim Pedrad) takes questions from viewers…who apparently pretty much agree with Susteren’s take on things. To wit:

‘When you die, Gloria, and you go instantly to Hell, which I think we can all agree will absolutely happen — will you just burn with all the other ambulance-chasers who spent their lives bringing misery into the world, or will there be a special ring or level of Hell just for you?’

Oh my, Denise, that is such a profound question! Who knows? All I can say is I sincerely hope so. That would be nice.

Watch the full sketch below.

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