State Dept Offers New Details About Libya Attack: There Was No Protest At Consulate

The State Department is offering additional details about the recent attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. Contrary to earlier reports, officials now say there was never a protest outside the consulate.

The new details are “significantly different” than what were told at the time, ABC News’ Jonathan Karl reported. Initially the precursor to the attack was said to be protests in response to a recent, controversial anti-Islam video. Later, the White House said the attack was an act of terrorism, with Obama saying it wasn’t just “a mob action.”

“Now we are told there was no protest going on outside” that consulate, Karl said. “The first indication that they heard anything outside the walls of…the consulate compound was an explosion and gunfire. They looked through a camera to see what was going on — and we are told they saw a large number of armed men coming in an approaching that compound.”

It was a “very complex attack,” Karl added, without precedent in U.S. diplomatic history.

Offering related details, Karl noted it’s still unknown how Ambassador Stevens got to the hospital.

“Any explanation for the change in their story?” Diane Sawyer asked. Karl said it’s part of their investigation, which is still ongoing.

ABC News’ report below:

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