Stephen Colbert Takes on ‘Bullsh*t’ Accusations of Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims

The host of The Late Show on CBS devoted one of his desk segments Monday night to tackling the President’s insistence that “millions of illegals” cast ballots in the general election, calling the string of allegations what they are.

“This kind of accusation is called — and I don’t want to get too technical here — bullshit,” said Stephen Colbert to cheers from the crowd at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

“In fact, the largest investigation into voter impersonation ever found just 31 incidents out of one billion ballots cast,” he continued Monday. “By the way, 31 out of a billion is also my Yelp review for the Trump administration.”

President Donald Trump continued to defend his long-held, confusing belief during his first Super Bowl Sunday interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, who pushed the Commander in Chief in presenting substantial evidence to support his claims.

Colbert revealed that other investigations surrounding the 2016 election found only four documented cases of voter fraud. “OK, could be four, could be three million,” Colbert said, before invoking the recurring bit from his Colbert Report days of crunching numbers on an old-school printing calculator.

The results? “Still bullshit.” Watch above via CBS.

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