Steven Crowder and Co-Hosts Unleash Shockingly Racist Rant Mocking Black Farmers, Slavery


Far right YouTube personality Steven Crowder and his co-hosts unleashed a shockingly bigoted rant on his Tuesday show, smearing Black farmers and stooping to a number of other racist tropes against African Americans.

In what he billed as a “lockdown anniversary” show, first flagged by Media Matters, Crowder accurately previewed his show’s tone when he warned he “might get a little bit nerdy, it’s also going to be widely offensive.”

Minutes later, Crowder brought up President Joe Biden’s Covid relief bill, which includes a $5.2 billion provision for Black farmers — another $5.2 billion is set aside for other farmers — who have faced systemic racism and been traditional excluded from past government subsidies and assistance programs.

Crowder called these “reparations” for “colored farmers” and the conversation quickly devolved from there.

After playing a segment from the liberal radio show Democracy Now explaining the policy, Crowder mocked the Biden plan by putting up a spoof of the famous painting American Gothic that had an apparent gangster as the husband and a ski-mask clad accomplice as his wife. This kicked off a round of vicious mock-Black accents and occasional vulgarity. Then one of Crowder’s co-hosts made light of slavery by suggesting Black people wouldn’t want to be farmers in the first place. From there, the toxic sludge of a conversation moved on to playing insulting the intelligence of African-Americans by mocking their supposedly favorite liquor brands. Finishing up, Crowder joked about meth contaminating the soil of the African American majority city of Detroit.

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