Stop Everything and Watch This Bonkers Cartoon of Hillary Clinton Singing ‘I Will Survive’


The 2016 election season has been wildly entertaining. I mean that. The stakes are really high when it comes to getting the White House this year, but every candidate has been putting out delightfully loony-toons videos that don’t quite reflect that. Not to be outdone, National Review — currently of “Against Trump” infamy — just released one hell of a parody cartoon.

The video is reminiscent of the hyper-niche pastime of remaking music videos using Sims. (If you haven’t ever seen one of those, take a second to go watch the ones I just linked. The Internet is a benevolent overlord; we don’t deserve wonders such as these.) The protagonist is, of course, Hillary Clinton, and props to NRO for getting a voice actress who sounds scarily similar to the real deal.

It’s almost the weekend! Here’s a Hillary Clinton parody video to get you through the rest of the day.We promise you’…

Posted by National Review on Friday, November 20, 2015

E-Hillary boxes, dances, and hunts her way through a medley of “I Will Survive,” “Dark Horse,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and, blessedly, “O.P.P.” There are voodoo dolls, a few marionettes, and scenes involving a bikini-clad Clinton smoking a stogie under the Washington Monument. President Barack Obama rides a giant duck. Clinton battles zombies. A bare-chested Bernie Sanders gets struck by lightning from Clinton’s palm in ancient Egypt. She pours champagne into Paul Ryan‘s mouth. It doesn’t make sense. It’s incredible. I’ve watched it so many times!

Although it was clearly meant as an insult to Clinton and her supporters, lines about busting through glass ceilings, clever pop culture references, and scenes showing her snatching the toupee off Donald Trump‘s head cloud the message, which is pretty on-brand for this election season in general.

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