Stunning Maddow Report Details How Nixon VP Spiro Agnew Took Saudi Money to Fight ‘My…Zionist Enemies’


If disgraced Richard Nixon Vice President Spiro Agnew was going to be featured prominently in the lead segment of a primetime cable news show in 2019, it would undoubtedly be Rachel Maddow‘s. And indeed on Thursday, the MSNBC host indeed led off her program with a shocking new report on the former veep.

Maddow’s team uncovered a telegram sent by Agnew to the Saudi Crown Prince in 1980 — seeking an audience with him.

What did he want? Maddow shared Agnew’s stunning request with her audience.

“Spiro Agnew was writing to the Saudi royal family to solicit their help to lead a scorched earth propaganda campaign in the United States to ‘expose the Jews!’ To wage a political war on Jews in America. No, really.”

Maddow went on to quote from the telegram:

“Since 1974, the Zionists have orchestrated a well-organized attack on me to use lawsuits to bleed me of my resources to continue my effort to inform the American people of their control of the media and other influential sectors of American society… I’ve taken every opportunity to speak out against the catastrophic U.S. Policies regarding Israel. This has spurred my Zionists enemies on to greater efforts. I need desperately your financial support so that I can continue to fight.”

Agnew then asked the Crown Prince for either a $200,000 annual payout or a $2 million lump sum.

“I do so want to continue my fight against the Zionist enemies who are destroying my once great nation,” Agnew wrote.

Watch the entire shocking report above, via MSNBC.

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