Tapper Blasts Trump and White House For Trying to Create An ‘Accountability-Free Zone’

Following the latest off-camera White House press briefing on Thursday, Jake Tapper sounded off on what he deems a lack of transparency from President Donald Trump‘s administration.

In a spirited monologue to open The Lead, Tapper blasted the White House press tactics as “odd and unusual.”

“This is part and parcel of a White House trying to operate in something close to an accountability-free zone,” Tapper said. “Where they don’t have to go on TV live and defend abhorrent behavior on Twitter or explain false things that the president says.”

Tapper pointed out that Trump said the Paris climate accord was non-binding when he announced the United States’ withdrawal. But at a rally on Wednesday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he said “like hell it’s non-binding.”

“I would ask the president about this inconsistency,” Tapper said. “But he is limiting his interviews, generally excluding all but the friendliest of media outlets, and answering basic questions.”

Watch above, via CNN.

[featured image via screengrab]


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