Ted Cruz Furious That YouTube Demonetized Steven Crowder For Homophobic Harassment Campaign


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) fiercely criticized YouTube over their decision to demonetize the videos of right-wing commentator Steven Crowder.

The videos were demonetized due to a homophobic harassment campaign against Vox’s Carlos Maza that Maza argued was directly influenced by Crowder’s videos.

In a tweet Thursday morning, Cruz accused YouTube of being the “Star Chamber,” in an apparent reference to a medieval court system in England known for arbitrary and secretive rulings of law.

Cruz followed up by claiming YouTube banned Crowder and calling for YouTube to explain the decision.

YouTube has not banned Crowder, but demonetization means he cannot make any money from advertisements on his video or channel.

YouTube announced Wednesday that it would demonetize Crowder’s channel just a day after initially announcing it would take no action against him following Maza’s complaints.

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