Ted Cruz Holds a Staggering EIGHTEEN Second Silence Before Dodging on Trump’s Pardon Theory


It took Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) a good 18 seconds to decide that he has nothing to say about President Donald Trump possibly pardoning himself if indicted over the Russia investigations.

Trump and his team keep insisting he hasn’t done anything and special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is nothing but a “witch hunt.” And yet, the president is claiming the “absolute right” to grant himself clemency.

The idea of Trump pardoning himself has dominated the news cycle for most of the day, and while his defenders are gonna do that thing they do, many others are far from impressed with this notion.

As it were, Cruz was one of many in Congress approached by reporters today for their thoughts on the subject. Weekly Standard Congressional reporter Haley Byrd popped the question, and the Senator had a very noticeable hesitation (one which lasted 18 seconds, to be precise), before arriving at this non-answer:

“That’s not a constitutional area I’ve studied so I will withhold judgement.”

I guess Cruz hoped that some quality audio of the hustle and bustle inside Congress would’ve been enough to cover for his freeze. Certainly, Cruz didn’t hesitate nearly this much the last time Trump decided to use his pardon power.

Listen above, via Haley Byrd on Twitter.

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