Chris Christie: If President Trump Were to Pardon Himself, He’d Be Impeached

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Mediaite Founder and ABC Chief Legal Analyst Dan Abrams had an engaging discussion over President Trump and the various stages of investigation on This Week with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday.

Among several newsworthy remarks from Christie, one-time key ally of the President, was his assertion that, as a prosecutor, he would not have turned over the information related to the investigation and so-called “spy” to the Trump team, either.

Stephanoulos posed the question by referring to the earlier interview with current Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

STEPHANOPOULOS: One thing. And Mayor Giuliani didn’t want to go too deep into this. It does appear now that the FBI had, there was no misconduct in the use of this FBI informant.
ABRAMS: Well, look, and also, Giuliani saying we have been — for a year, we haven’t gotten information on this. Why would they get information on this? This informant, right, is working, let’s say working in conjunction with the FBI in whatever context. Why would they turn it over? This is an ongoing active investigation. And there’s zero––zero to indicate there was anything improper about this. Calling it spygate doesn’t mean there is a quote unquote spy involved as opposed to what we see every day in the context of federal investigations.
CHRISTIE: Listen. I think, again, this is one of those shifting sands argument that’s going to change over the course of time and maybe do away. Unless you see misconduct by the FBI, which we have no evidence of yet, in any way. I will tell you, as a prosecutor, I wouldn’t have turned it over. That information to the other side.
STEPHANOPOULOS: To the president.
CHRISTIE: No. I wouldn’t have. You know, the thing I said that I always I loved the most about being the U.S. Attorney, was only I knew what I knew. Bob Mueller understands that, and so does the FBI. You don’t willy-nilly turn that stuff over. You just don’t.

They also discussed Giuliani saying that the President wouldn’t pardon himself, but that he would have the authority to do so.

“There’s no way that’ll happen, and the reason it won’t is because it then becomes a political problem, George,” said Christie. “If the president were to pardon himself, he’ll get impeached!”

Watch above, via ABC.

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