Teen Charged With Manslaughter Can Avoid Jail… If He Goes To Church

Seventeen-year-old Tyler Alred was granted a deferred sentence for 10 years after being charged with manslaughter as a youthful offender. As part of his rather unorthodox deal, Alred — who caused a fatal car crash while driving with alcohol in his system — can avoid going to jail for the next decade if he attends church once a week for that period of time.

Tulsa’s KTUL features a pretty reasonably reasonable reason why this story might not be so great beyond creating something for your aunt to forward you right before Thanksgiving [Subject line: SEE?, Signature: It was when I saw one pair of footprints that I realized Jesus was flying me over the beach, arms locked underneath mine as I dangled helplessly below him, my feet leaving their print on the wet sand each time he ducked to avoid an incoming seagull.]:

“One, it speaks to maybe forcing people to do religious activities that they would otherwise not do on their own free will. So, that puts pressure on them to do something that they wouldn’t normally do and I don’t know why a church would want to have someone come to it under the force of government,” says TU Law Professor, Gary Allison.

Alred is also required to graduate both high school and welding school, take routine drug and alcohol tests over the course of a year, don a drug and alcohol-monitoring bracelet, and participate in Impact Panels.

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