That Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial Left Everyone in The View’s Studio Speechless


You know that Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner at a protest of some sort? And how it caused an influx of social media reactions? It had the opposite effect on The View today, where panelists and audience members alike were stunned into momentary silence by it.

After Whoopi Goldberg observed that the ad “left everybody speechless,” Joy Behar asked what the point of the whole thing even was.

Jedediah Bila said that what she disliked most was the way the commercial made protests — which involve people who are “deeply committed to values” — look like “a block party.”

“It’s also sort of appropriating the Black Lives Matter movement,” observed Sunny Hostin. “They’re using social justice to sell soda pop.” She went on to say that the commercial makes a “mockery” of what people are standing for when they protest.

Specifically, of course, the final scene that shows Jenner approaching a cop and offering him a Pepsi is similar to the iconic image of Ieshia Evans staring down a cop in riot gear in Baton Rouge last year. The difference is, of course, that Jenner is a rich, white model who was shown joining a vague protest after watching demonstrators march by a photoshoot and Evans is a young black mother who went to Baton Rouge to protest the death of Alton Sterling because she wanted a better life for her child. The conventionally attractive man who took the beverage from Jenner wasn’t quite as intimidating as the armored man who stared down Evans.

Watch above.

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