Cincinnati Enquirer is Getting Lots of Hate Tweets Meant for National Enquirer: ‘@JeffBezos Make it Stop’

The Cincinnati Enquirer is very keen that people understand what newspaper they are not. Because the newspaper that they are not is tabloid tall tale and tattler publication The National Enquirer. And that’s more important than ever, considering the breaking huge scandal involving first Jeff Bezos and now Ronan Farrow.

The problem is their Twitter id. They’re @Enquirer, and apparently that means they get a lot of hate tweeting meant for that other place. Here’s an example of the kind of quality tweeting they’re enduring:

That’s a great one because it’s from a Clint Eastwood who is also not Clint Eastwood. But there are many more.

It’s not the first time, though. Apparently this confusion borne of the laziness of social media users (and okay, fine, the obviousness of the name) has come up before. Tonight they retweeted a reminder.

If you can’t see it, that’s a retweet of their original fretful notice/plea from last year:

They also made a more direct plea to Jeff Bezos himself.

If he copied them in a Tweet himself, it’s not there anymore, but dozens of other users have, including some blue check verified ones. In Bezos’ pinned tweet, which is a link to his bombshell article, he simply spells out National Enquirer. No tag.

The situation may be annoying for the Cincinnati paper, which is affiliated with USA Today, but it’s not with its humor.

Just make sure you get the correct Enquirer if you’re planning to sue them over something. For the record, THIS is the National Enquirer’s Twitter account: @NatEnquirer

Read More about the whole scandal here.

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