The Latest Twitter Trend Is #AllLivesDidntMatter and It Focuses on Civil Rights Violations


Black Lives Matter is the name of an activist organization that is especially active when it comes to combatting police brutality. There has, of course, been backlash when it comes to their name. Namely, a whole contingent of people have chosen to interpret BLM asserting that yes, black lives matter, as them somehow simultaneously saying other lives don’t matter. This insistence on countering conversations about the experiences of people of color with #AllLivesMatter has led to discord, much of it online.

Today, a new hashtag surfaced called #AllLivesDidntMatter. BLM supporters and skeptics of the #AllLivesMatter reaction have spent some time today pointing out all of the times that all lives didn’t matter which, to them, underscores the importance of highlighting those lives which seem to matter least. The question here, then, is why those who pipe up with #AllLivesMatter when black people begin insisting loudly that theirs do aren’t also speaking out against every one of these other travesties.

This is an unprecedented way for BLM and its supporters to go about making their point, which has always been that #AllLivesMatter is a distraction tactic meant to minimize voices of color.

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