The National Cathedral Releases Photos And Video Showing Serious Damage From Quake

While the reaction to yesterday’s east coast earthquake went from shock to Twitter joke in the matter of minutes, it would seem the event did cause some actual, extensive damage. Unfortunately, one of the buildings to be hit hardest was National Cathedral in Washington D.C. The century old building suffered what Head Mason Joe Alonso has called “mind-boggling” damage.

Shortly after the quake itself, the cathedral’s official Twitter began informing followers that damage had been sustained:

Soon the Twitter began posting pictures of the affects. Unfortunately, while the results of the earthquake were fairly benign for most people, the photos proved they were anything but at the cathedral. A series of photos were published at The Atlantic which show demolished gargoyles and the truly horrifying image of the spires tipping right over.

While the early rumors that the Washington Monument was tipping soon proved to be false, the damage to the Cathedral is all to real. A video has been released documenting the damage in full and a website has been set up seeking support.

View the video from The Atlantic below:

(h/t The Hill)

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