The View Panel Implodes Over Whether Travel Ban 2.0 Is Better or Not


On ABC’s The View today, the women of the panel got into it over Donald Trump‘s second attempt at a travel ban.

A frustrated Sunny Hostin, a lawyer herself, spoke about the various judges who have ruled against what Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and Stephen Miller have all but revealed to be a “Muslim ban.” Joy Behar backed her up, calling the administration “stupid.”

Jedediah Bila was on hand to take on Hostin, like she did yesterday. She said that she had a problem with the first attempt because “the language was very vague [and] there were people with visas and green cards that were not exempt.” She said she doesn’t have a problem with the new travel ban “because it’s six specific countries” and “there are plenty of Muslim majority countries that are not included in this.”

When Behar asked why Saudi Arabia wasn’t on the list of banned countries, Bila then said that their government cooperates with the United States.

“That’s where the terrorists came from, Jed, in 9/11!” exclaimed Hostin. “That’s where they came from!”

Whoopi Goldberg calmly pointed out that people who were coming from places on the initial list, like Iraq, had been working with America and that Trump “banned people who are American citizens” and those who went through the process to become citizens.

“The original one was a problem. That’s why he rewrote it, yeah,” said Bila curtly.

Goldberg and Hostin maintained that the order may have been rewritten, but its content and intent remain the same.

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