‘This Is Not a War With Islam’: Paul Ryan Makes Distinction Between Muslims and the Radicalized Few


During his weekly address on Tuesday morning, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., WI) made clear that the battle the United States finds itself in today is not with the entire religion of Islam.

In light of the continued rhetoric out of his party’s presumptive nominee Donald Trump calling for a temporary ban of Muslims coming into the country, Paul Ryan clarified his own personal take on the matter.

“As far as the Muslim community,” Ryan began, “I think there is a really important distinction that every American needs to keep in mind.”

The Speaker of the House continued:

“This is a war with radical Islam, not a war with Islam. Muslims are our partners. The vast, vast majority of Muslims in this country and around this world are moderate, they’re peaceful, they’re tolerant. So they’re among our best allies, among our best resources in this fight against radical Islamic terrorism.”

Rep. Ryan continued, “So I think it’s very important we hone that distinction, we honor that distinction.”

When prompted to address the controversial statements of his party’s presumptive nominee, Speaker Ryan continued to assert his previous sentiments that a ban on an entire religious group is, “not conservatism.”

“I do not think a Muslim ban is in our country’s interest,” Ryan said Tuesday. “I do not think it is reflective of our principles — not just as a party but as a country — and I think the smarter way to go in all respects is to have a security test, and not a religious test.”

Watch the above brief remarks from MSNBC.

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.
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