comScore ‘This Is Slanderous!’: CNN Panel Clashes Over Donald Trump’s Rhetoric on Anti-Semitism

‘This Is Slanderous!’: CNN Panel Clashes Over Donald Trump’s Rhetoric on Anti-Semitism


A CNN debate between a Donald Trump supporter and opponent turned contentious Tuesday when discussing whether or not Trump had done enough to condemn anti-Semitism and the recent rise in anti-Jewish threats.

Liberal CNN commentator Angela Rye said Trump’s comments Tuesday denouncing anti-Semitism were too little, too late. “What means more than his words at the National Museum for African-American History and Culture are his actions,” said Rye. “And unfortunately the executive orders that he signed so far and the ones he said that he intends to sign fly in the face of the bigotry he wants to fight against. In fact, he is acting like the bigot he says he wants to fight against.”

“Oh my god, that is absolutely outrageous,” responded Bernie-Sanders-supporter-turned-Trump-superfan Harlan Hill. He shot back that Trump’s election opponent Hillary Clinton took foundation money from some of the most anti-Semitic and anti-gay countries in the Middle East.

CNN host Brianna Keilar interjected and asked Hill to stay focused on the topics at hand: Trump. “He told a Jewish reporter to sit down — a Jewish reporter who had good will towards him — when he asked about anti-Semitism,” she pointed out.

Hill argued that Trump misheard the question and would’ve disavowed anti-Semitism if he understood. “Oh, lord,” Rye responded, rolling her eyes.

“Did he agree with that sentiment? No. But he did not disavow it in clear terms like you are describing right now,” Keilar said.

“This is slanderous!” Hill said. “We’re making a baseless accusation, accusing him of being anti-Semitic when his grandchildren are Jewish.” After lots of shouting, Keilar explained slowly that she was not accusing Trump of anti-Semitism, just discussing his failure to condemn it earlier.

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