Which MSNBC Host Is Bill Ayers’ Favorite ‘Conservative’ In The Media?

Speaking with RealClearPolitics editors Tom Bevan and Charlie Stone during their “Morning Commute” series, Bill Ayers was asked about the people in conservative media who he appreciates the most. Ayers said that he appreciates a variety of conservatives personally, but had a difficult time identifying a conservative in the media he could say he likes. “Is Chris Matthews in the conservative media?” Ayres finally asked.

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“I like him,” Ayers said. “I had never seen him before he interviewed me and now I can’t get enough of him. He’s an interesting guy.”

“His interview of me was about five minutes, I got to say about five words,” he concluded.

In another candid moment during RCP’s “Morning Commute,” Ayers said that President Barack Obama deserves a “failing grade” for his presidency and should be tried for war crimes.

Watch the clip below via RealClearPolitics:

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