Tom Arnold: ‘Pre Pubescent’ Ben Shapiro is ‘Technically a Man’ For The Purposes of a ‘Brawl’


So apparently, Tom Arnold is going to war with Ben Shapiro.

It all started with the Twitter frenzy from last night after Mark Duplass posted a positive message about the Daily Wire editor-in-chief. The actor ended up deleting his tweet as he faced online criticism, and Shapiro is using the incident as proof that the political left is not as tolerant as they claim to be.

The dustup was highlighted by Dave Rubin, but Arnold has no sympathy for Shapiro, not one bit:

From there…well, here’s how he engaged his Twitter reactors:

Shapiro eventually took notice of Arnold:

And here’s how Arnold took that:

As a little bonus, here’s how Arnold took aim at Ben Howe after the conservative writer noticed the feud:

Does everything in 2018 have to be so strange?

[Image via screengrab]

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