Tomi Lahren Praises Vanity Fair For Video Mocking Hillary Clinton: They Are ‘Coming To Their Senses’


On Wednesday night, a Hannity panel had some fun at the expense of liberals who were outraged over Vanity Fair‘s video mocking Hillary Clinton.

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren voiced her excitement that the mainstream media is “finally” turning on the failed presidential candidate.

“I’m just so happy that the mainstream media- the leftist mainstream media might I add- Vanity Fair actually decided to make fun of Hillary Clinton,” Lahren told Hannity guest host David Webb. “I give them some credit for that because they’re not really quick to do that and they’re gonna take some heat for it, but I applaud them! Finally, they’re coming to their senses and they’ve got a sense of humor.”

While Dan Bongino thought the video “wasn’t that funny” and that it was “kind of stupid,” he mocked those on the left for what he deemed to be an overreaction.

“It was a joke, liberals!” he exclaimed. “Laugh a little bit! You know, do you have to be victims all the time? I get it, you can’t leave your safe spaces and put your color forms down and your magic markers- but smile! Turn that frown upside down! Laugh a little bit!”

Vanity Fair apologized for the video in a released statement, saying it was “an attempt at humor and we regret that it missed the mark.”

When asked by Webb whether she believes feminists will ever change how they defend progressives like Clinton versus conservatives such as First Lady Melania Trump, Lahren responded by saying “absolutely not.” She then compared the outrage towards this video to what she believes was apathy from liberals after Kathy Griffin‘s photoshoot that depicting the decapitation of President Donald Trump. Lahren believes many liberals considered a the Griffin video a “joke” while simultaneously considering the Vanity Fair video on Clinton “below the belt.”

“I don’t quite see it the way they do. I don’t expect them to change,” Lahren said. “But I love triggering [liberals] because I just really get a kick out of it.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.


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