Toobin: Border Crisis is ‘Trump’s Katrina’ — But Worse Because it Was a Crisis of His Own Making

With President Donald Trump having signed an executive order Wednesday to end the practice of separating migrant families at the Southern U.S. border, and a reported 2,300 children still apart from their parents, the punditry is beginning to put the events of the past week in historical perspective.

Thursday on New Day, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin compared the crisis to a recent natural disaster — and the botched government response.

“A metaphor we’re starting to hear more and more is that this is Donald Trump‘s Katrina,” Toobin said. “A turning point in how he is portrayed.”

But to the CNN legal analyst and New Yorker writer, there is one key difference between Hurricane Katrina and the Trump administration’s child separation policy.

“[I]n many respects, this is worse than Katrina,” Toobin said. “George W. Bush didn’t create the hurricane. He didn’t make it rain. Whereas these 2,300 — there was no reason for these kids to be separated from their parents under existing government policies. But they created this problem. Now, it seems like they have no real way of trying to solve it.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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