Trump: New Troops Being Sent to Border to Stop ‘Attempted Invasion of Illegals’


President Trump‘s latest Twitter proclamation has him saying he’ll dispatch more troops to the southern border to defend the country from the “Invasion of Illegals” that will supposedly wreak havoc without a wall to stop them.

Let’s review.

Trump started his Thursday with a tweetstorm in which he demanded that people “stop playing political games” and call his proposed wall a wall. This is a departure from recent White House efforts to politically label the wall as a steel barrier or a fence of some kind, rather than portraying it as a singular concrete structure across the border.

Later on, Trump seemed to drop his demands for federal wall funding again by telling the congressional GOP they’re “wasting their time” negotiating with Democrats through the Homeland Security Committee. That comes after Trump ended the longest government shutdown in U.S. history without securing his wall funding, plus he’s threatening to declare a national emergency and requisition money for the wall if a funding deal can’t be reached in two weeks.

So now, between Trump’s confused messaging about whether the wall is being built or not, we’ve reached the point where he’s sending troops down south to prevent an alleged “invasion.” Trump has ordered the military to secure the border before, but the last time this happened, it seemed like that decision didn’t yield much of anything in terms of results.

One last thing. As NBC national security analyst Ken Dilanian pointed out, Trump’s leading intelligence officers appeared on Capitol Hill this week to talk about the country’s most critical national security issues, and the immigration crisis never came up.

Granted, Trump might not think very highly of his intelligence chiefs these days, since he’s contradicting several of their most significant assessments and saying they ought to “go back to school.”

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