Trump Goes Off in Border Negotiations Tweetstorm: ‘Stop Playing Political Games! A WALL is a WALL!’


Judging by the latest tweets from President Trump, we can dispense with the recent debate about whether his proposal for a barricade on the southern border is for an actual wall or not.

The president went on a Twitter tirade Thursday, demanding “let’s just call them WALLS from now on and stop playing political games!” This was part of a broader point for Trump’s continued push on border security, which included quoting Fox News opinion programming as he promotes more horror stories about illegal immigration.

Throughout the government shutdown, there were questions raised about whether Trump was demanding a concrete structure to be built on the border, or if he’d be willing to settle for a fence or some kind of steel structure. This generated confusion about what the “wall” would be labeled in a political sense, but in the end, Trump temporarily re-opened the government without securing the funding he demanded to get the wall built.

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