Trump Denies Ever Calling Anyone ‘Retard’…Though Howard Stern Show Says Otherwise


The term “retard” is widely considered to be a very offensive term used in a derisive, non-fire related manner. As such, “retard-gate” will likely not gain traction for this brewing controversy, and for that, President Donald Trump (and his White House Communications team) can give great thanks.

The controversy stems from one of the many wild and unseemly allegations revealed in the White House tell-all book Fear, the new book from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Bob Woodward. In a passage describing the animus between Trump and his embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Commander-in-Cheif is alleged to have referred to the Alabama statesman as a “retard” (among other things.)

This and other wild allegations revealed in the explosive book earned a quick rebuke from the White House and President Trump on Twitter, who claimed to have never used the term on anyone:

Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star (and Twitter impresario) David Dale, however, has identified a couple of examples buried in past Howard Stern Show transcripts that demonstrate — shocker — that Donald Trump may have not been telling the truth?? Pulled from a 2016  Huffington Post report (featuring a now-dead YouTube video), transcripts of which are screencapped and embedded below:


The term “retard” was once an accepted synonym for “idiot” or “moron” and some people from older generations likely never broke the habit of using the now offensive term. The claiming of having never used that term, however, when there is clear evidence showing otherwise, is known as “lying” and people of strong character of all ages typically outgrow the habit of lying (though politicians like Trump appear to be the exception that proves the rule.)

Update: a video of the interview has emerged, please scroll to 19:30 in the video below to see the moment referenced:

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