Trump Quasi-Denies ‘Sh*thole’ Comments in Tweetstorm: ‘Wonderful Relationship With Haitians’


President Trump issued something of a denial of the explosive report last night which indicated that he referred to immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and unspecified African nations as “people from shithole countries.”

In his daily tweetstorm, Trump railed against the immigration reform proposals that bipartisan lawmakers submitted for his approval on Thursday.

It was during this meeting on DACA when Trump reportedly derided Haiti, El Salvador and African nations. This would not be the first time Trump made disparaging comments about foreign countries.

The racially-charged comments have sparked a media frenzy ever since they were reported. Sources from the meeting insist that the president said “shithole,” and the White House has yet to issue any denial. As it were, the president seems to have acknowledged the commotion — though issuing a quasi-denial of the reports:

UPDATE – 8:53 a.m. EST: Trump wasn’t finished yet, apparently tweeting a denial that he called Haiti a “shithole”:

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