Liberty University

Today Trump Railed Against ‘Pathetic’ Critics, Forgetting When He Celebrated ‘Finally’ Being One

Please Watch How Many Times Trump Teased Jerry Falwell Jr. During Liberty University Speech

Trump Gives Commencement at Liberty University: ‘The Future Belongs to the Dreamers, Not the Critics’

WATCH LIVE: President Donald Trump Delivers Commencement Address at Liberty University

Jerry Falwell Jr.: Academic Freedom and Political Correctness ‘Cannot Coexist’ on Campuses

Jerry Falwell Jr. Demanded Liberty University Student Paper Cut Anti-Trump Article

Liberty University Students Put Out Statement Denouncing Falwell ‘Championing’ Trump

Falwell Family of Religious Fame in Hot, Hot Water Over Dirty, Dirty Mag

Following Trump Endorsement, Falwell’s Brother Tweets ‘Don’t Let Media Tell You Who to Vote For’

Trump Says Religious Right Activist to Blame For ‘Two Corinthians’ Flub

Watch: Liberty University Students Laugh at Trump Quoting From ‘Two Corinthians’

WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump Speaks at Liberty University

University President to Students: ‘Get Your Permit,’ Prevent Next San Bernardino

Bernie Sanders to Liberty U.: America Was Founded on ‘Racist Principles’

Bernie Sanders Is, Surprisingly, Going to Speak at Liberty University

Oops: Fox Mistakenly Suggests Jerry Falwell Is Still Alive

Bill Maher: Liberty University Giving Out Diplomas ‘Cheapens’ Everyone Else’s

Rachel Maddow: ‘This Has Been The Gayest Week In Mitt Romney’s Whole Life’

Romney Commencement Address At Liberty University: Marriage Is ‘Between One Man And One Woman’

Liberty University Student Handbook: Curfews, Preferred Hair Styles And Punishments For Watching R-Rated Movies

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