Trump Says the ‘Fake News’ is Ignoring His Big Wins in Favor of Endless Wars or Something


President Trump, who made the dramatic Syria announcement (via Twitter) last week and then the dramatic announcement about Secretary of Defense James Mattis (via Twitter) leaving, and then the dramatic announcement Sunday (via Twitter) that he was kicking Mattis to the curb nearly two months ahead of schedule, said on Twitter Sunday afternoon that the “Fake News Media” wasn’t focusing on the farm bill and criminal justice reform.

Trump did tweet about the farm bill this week. He used it as an opportunity to plug an old clip of himself singing at an awards show. So, you know, taking it super seriously.

He did also manage to carve out a few seconds for the passage of Criminal Justice Reform, tweeting about it on the 20th amid his tweets and tweets about his wall.

Also the government shut down. Not sure if he remembered that bit. But yeah no it’s fake news to talk about a major shift in ISIS policy and departure of key figures instead of his duet with Megan Mullally.

Deflection. That’s all. He’s trying to deflect from things that put him in a bad light. Which is most things, but is especially this withdrawal.

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