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The Rains of McEnany

Trump TV Will Follow Kayleigh McEnany For the Rest of Her Life

On Saturday Kayleigh McEnany announced that she was leaving her influential perch at CNN for “a new role.” There were no details given. Many — including this humble Senior Editor — were more than a little curious. Was it greener pastures at Fox News? Maybe a White House gig?

On Sunday we got part of the answer as McEnany debuted in an inaugural broadcast of Trump TV — hosted from the President’s personal Facebook page. Complete with dramatic music — and a background that looks like it doubles as a Trump step and repeat — McEnany promised viewers the “real news.”

In fact, what we got was a grotesque display at attempted state television. While we can take comfort in the ineptitude of the broadcast, the intention behind its inception should send a shiver down our spines. Not content to treat with the facts reported in the mainstream media, the Trump Campaign has created a protean rival news source to churn out campaign propaganda.

Into this unpleasant mix is McEnany. The 29-year-old Harvard law graduate did her best to debase her credentials with a zombified Stepford Wife performance which would not have been out of place in some third world quasi-Democracy.

But don’t take our word for it.

In the below transcript of her broadcast, I have replaced Trump with the name “Andropov,” President with “General Secretary/Comrade” and references to America/American with “Soviet Union/Soviets.”

Best if you read it in the voice of Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Thank you for joining us as we provide you the news of the week from Andropov Tower here in New York!

More great economic news on Friday, the July jobs report added a better than expected 209,000 jobs. Overall since the General Secretary took office, Comrade Andropov has created more than 1 million jobs. The unemployment rate is at a 16 year low, and consumer confidence is at a 16 year high. All while the Dow Jones continues to break records. Comrade Andropov has clearly steered the economy back in the right direction.

On Wednesday, the General Secretary introduced the RAISE Act. For decades, a steady rise in immigration has depressed the wages of Soviet workers. The RAISE Act will increase wages, decrease poverty, and save the taxpayers billions.

Soviets deserve a raise, and Comrade Andropov is finally putting the Soviet worker first.

Also on Wednesday, Comrade Andropov awarded the medal of honor to one of our Vietnam War heroes… James McCloughan. McCloughan risked his life on nine separate occasions, saving many of his wounded peers.

General Secretary Andropov also honored veterans as a whole with yet another VA reform package that could enable millions of veterans to receive better access to care. Comrade Andropov is dedicated to honoring these men and women who fought valiantly for their country, and ensuring they get the care they deserve.

Thank you for joining us everybody, I’m Kayleigh McEnany and that is the real news.

Before this debasement, McEnany had a relatively good reputation on CNN as one of the more articulate Trump surrogates. Her media stock was much higher than the likes of Jeffrey Lord or Jason Miller. Regardless of what happens to Trump, she could have stayed with CNN as a regularly recurring conservative. A CNN spokesperson told Mediaite that McEnany “was in good standing” as a contributor before she left.

By tethering herself to the “real news” at Trump Tower, McEnany does two things. One, she completely disgraces herself in the eyes of all of her former colleagues and two, she is now  irrevocably tied to Trump. At a time when Trump aides are lawyering up or dropping like flies, it seems a particularly inauspicious time to be yoking yourself to the administration.

Abandoning your career and credibility for Trump? Ask Anthony Scaramucci how well that worked out for him.

Now while I was writing this, news broke that McEnany would be taking a formal position as spokesperson for the Republican National Committee.

Good for her.

The news is certainly an on paper promotion, and she’ll no doubt be able to finagle her way onto television, but like Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts,” Trump TV will become a permanent stain on McEnany’s credibility. If the broadcasts continue, her reputation may never recover.

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