Trump Unable to Name a Single Time He’s Been Deserving of Criticism: ‘I Could Never Do That’

Seated beneath a towering portrait of President George Washington in the White House, President Donald Trump spoke at length with Fox & Friends for an exclusive interview that aired Tuesday morning. Early on in the hit, Brian Kilmeade gave the Commander in Chief the opportunity to display a bit of humility: By naming a time when he was deserving of criticism in the press.

As for getting an answer? No such luck.

Kilmeade asked in the interview that aired Tuesday, “You have said, ‘I can take hits when it’s justified.’ Can you give me an example of a time when somebody was critical of you and you’ve thought, ‘I deserved that hit. I deserved that column. I deserved that’?”

Trump loosely considered the question for a moment, then quickly said, “No, probably not. I could never do that probably,” he said to laughs from the Fox & Friends trio. “I’m not gonna give you any ideas! I’m not gonna…”

Kilmeade continued, “Do you ever think to yourself, ‘Wow I screwed that up. Wow I kind of deserved that hit’?”

“Yeah, yeah sure,” Trump admitted sheepishly, “and you know what, honestly, if I do that, and that does happen, and if I take a hit, I won’t give you any additional ammunition but over the years you make a mistake. I fully understand when they hit you.” The President then invoked the possibility of fake sources and fake news that cloud negative headlines, absolving himself of some responsibility regarding the stories that drive bad headlines.

Watch above via Fox News.
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