Trump’s Bleeding Facelift Tweet Was So Bad Even Jerry Springer Can’t Take It


So, just how bad were President Donald Trump’s tweets calling MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski a dumb crazy person who was suffering from a bleeding facelift when he saw her on New Year’s Eve?

So bad that “The Ringmaster” himself feels it has scraped the bottom of the barrel.

Yep, trash talk legend Jerry Springer feels Trump’s behavior is “beneath the dignity of the Presidency.” I mean, when the guy who was responsible for giving us television featuring a man who married his horse thinks you’ve crossed a line…

Anyway, Springer’s tweet didn’t go unnoticed:

Meanwhile, it appears that we’ll be getting more coverage of the tweets over the coming days. Joe Scarborough and Brzezinski have claimed that the White House threatened them with a National Enquirer hit piece. And, of course, we got a response from Trump and the National Enquirer published a story on a “cheating scandal” involving Joe and Mika.

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