TV Hockey Analyst Loses Job After Poorly Explaining His Rape Joke Tweets


Dustin Penner, an NHL player lined up with a sweet post-career TV gig, lost said gig this weekend after not only making a bad rape joke on Twitter, but trying to cover up the bad rape joke with even more bad rape jokes.

Penner, who most recently played for the Washington Capitals, was scheduled to cover the NHL’s trade deadlines on TSN along with Canadian sportscaster Cabral “Cabbie” Richards. It would have been a fantastic career move — Penner had recently become a free agent and, at the age of 32, was probably done with his hockey career — until he did this:

The normal Twitter rage ensued, which only escalated when Penner insulted his followers:

After numerous people called him out, Penner apologized:

But then…he didn’t?

Shortly after Yahoo! News reported that TSN had pulled Penner from the lineup, he offered a sincere apology on Twitter:

And then. And then.


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