Twitter Blasts Trump for Anti-Media, Anti-Mueller Tirade: ‘Why Are You So Freaked Out?’


As President Donald Trump dove into yet another tweetstorm Sunday, reporters and other social media hawks called him out for his verbal assaults on the media and the Mueller probe.

Trump railed against the press, accusing them of jeopardizing “the lives of many” by revealing “internal deliberations of our government,” though what he’s referencing remains a mystery.

Journalists were quick to point out that any such digging is surely protected by the First Amendment, and contrary to Trump’s claims it is “very unpatroitic,” it has been an intrinsic part of the White House beat for decades.

The president then turned to the Russia investigation, again deeming it a “Witch Hunt,” his evident ire provoking laughs from some who could tell it was getting under his skin.

Check out the reactions below:

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