Twitter Blows Up After Paul Ryan Hypes Tax Cuts By Touting Secretary’s $1.50 Pay Bump


Since the GOP tax cut bill was passed, President Donald Trump and Republicans have made sure to hype up and highlight the numerous instances of companies and businesses raising their wages and issuing bonuses to its employees. With these corporations all pointing to tax reform as the reason for the bonuses and wage increases, it would only make sense to make political hay out of the news.

In that vein, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan took to Twitter today to share a story of a Pennsylvania high-school secretary seeing an increase in her paycheck. But instead of featuring someone receiving a thousand-dollar check or seeing their pay go up a few bucks an hour, the secretary he pointed to saw a weekly increase of…$1.50.

Yeah, as you would imagine, this led to widespread mockery on Twitter.

And before you even ask, yes — Paul Ryan did delete the tweet.

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