Twitter Blows Up After Trump Attacks Leakers Over McCain Controversy: ‘Cry Me a River’


President Trump set media Twitter ablaze again after slamming leakers and bashing the media for making a “massive over exaggeration” over the White House’s John McCain fiasco.

As you can see, Trump more or less calls the “so-called leaks” a fabrication while also saying that the “traitors and cowards” responsible must be punished. Trump’s tweet comes while his administration triples down with their refusal to offer a public apology for Kelly Sadler‘s objectionable remarks, preferring to criticize the people who leaked them instead.

This development is bound to open a new chapter into the White House-McCain firestorm, so online media observers had a lot to say about it. Most of the reactors responded with general mockery, pointing out the contradictions of Trump’s tweet, or bashing him outright for his constant disrespect for McCain.

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