Twitter Drags NYT‘s Lipton For Suggesting Some Shooting Deaths More Tragic Than Others


New York Times investigative reporter Eric Lipton has been getting a lot of criticism for some now-deleted tweets where he may or may not have suggested that the deaths of some mass shooting victims are more tragic than others based on how much “opportunity” those victims had ahead of them.

In light of the attack in Parkland, FL earlier this week, many news reporters have flocked to the area to interview students and local residents about the devastation. Lipton noticed the maturity and intelligence of many students who have spoken to news outlets, so he tweeted this:

Lipton followed up with this:

As the Twitter ratio indicates, a lot of people were not impressed with Lipton and took him to mean he was saying that the loss of “articulate” and “educated” children is more tragic than the death of “poor” kids.

As such, Lipton deleted his tweet and put up a new statement in order to explain himself:

This writer guesses that Lipton meant to say “insensitively.”

[photo via Don Emmert/Getty Images]

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